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How To Use C+C Clips

What are C+C Clips?

Think Pacifier Clip, elevated!

C+C Clips were designed for the modern, busy mom! C+C Clips keep toys, blankets, pacifiers, sippy cups, snack cups + more off the ground and close to your littles! Bonus- you dont have to think about it! You can clip them and go! 

What can I attach to a C+C Clip? 

Anything your littles use! The possibilities are endless!

Examples: Toys, Bottles, Rattles, Teethers, Sippy Cups, Snack Cups, Pacifiers, Blankets, Loveys, Stuffed Animals, Fruit Snacks, Baby Food Pouches, Books, Keys + more!

What can I attach C+C Clips to?

C+C Clips comein a variety of styles so you can use them with anything!

Examples: Clothes, Blankets, Car Seats, Strollers, Grocery Carts, Tables, Highchairs, Hiking Carriers, Wheelchairs, Diaper Bags, Baby Carriers, Belt Loops, Overalls + more!

Where can I use C+C Clips?

Use at home or on the go! C+C Clips travel wherever you go!

Examples: at home, at the grocery store, at restaurants, on an airplanes, at sporting events, at the park, in the car, at the doctors office, on a hike, traveling, on a walk, at an amusement park + more!

BONUS! Double up C+C Clips!

2 is always better than 1! Double up clips for more ways to use!

Attach a Double End Loop to any clip to create extra length or add a Mini Toy Clip to the end of a Ring Clip or Suction Cup to add length and a clip!