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Why join the C | C Membership?

Why join the C | C Membership?

Have you been hearing all about the C | C membership lately?! Its the newest membership that was created to make your life easier and to allow you to create a playroom at home to help your kids learn! Why pay full price for toys when you can get them 40% off + free shipping?! 

Montessori and Waldorf toys are not only beautiful and timeless, but they also are great for helping your children to learn at home. But the price isn’t always affordable. These toys rend to be on the expensive side making them hard to hard in your home. BUT we found a way to change that!

For only $9.99 a month you can become a C | C member and save 40% off all releases plus free shipping. We took out all of the unnecessary expenses that go into selling products and passed those savings onto you! 

Too good to be true?! Nope! Totally true! Here is how it works! New toys are released on the first Monday of every month. Pick the toys you love and pre-order them. We then submit orders to be manufactured and then the toys are sent to your home! There is NO commitment to purchase EVER and there are no order minimums! Yep - just purchase what you want at 40% off.  Just remember that each release is a one time release so if you have your eye on the toy, make sure to grab it! 

Okay so this is great right? We didn’t stop there!  While you wait for your new toys, check out our exclusive member library full of activities, family date nights, printables, coloring pages, parenting resources + more! Each month we release a new theme full of fun things to do at home. We know how stressful and overwhelming it can be to plan activities out while keeping up with everything else so we are here to help! Simply pick a few activities each month and go! No prep or planning needed. Keep your kids entertained all month long! 

Soooo we decided to add one more thing to the membership! A library full of expert advice to help you make it through each stage of parenting. We have a library full of free resources and videos, as well as links back to where you can connect with each expert to learn more from them. We want to connect you to people who know what they are talking about so that when you need help you know where to go! And believe me, they are so good! Each time I connect with a new expert, I am amazed at the content that they are providing you! Its SO good!

We have new benefits being released all the time! Sign up now so you never miss another toy release and so that you can take the planning out of learning at home! 

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