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How to deal with whining toddlers

How to deal with whining toddlers

Okay, you guys! This is collaboration SOOOOO good!!! This was the first expert content that I EVER received back for the C | C membership site and let me tell you, I was so impressed and so excited to share with you!  I immediately text my mom and told her she had to go read this because I had so many aha moments!

Julia is the Founder of and I think this may be your new favorite resource! Julia sent me a document full of the best tips for how we can help toddlers to stop whining and throwing tantrums and she gave great examples of why toddler do this. She also provides a simple activity that you can do with your toddlers on your phone to have ready when your toddler throws a tantrum. She literally gives you everything you need to change your toddles behavior around!

She is an amazing writer and when the content ended, I just wanted more and more! Julia gives the top 2 reasons why toddlers whine and she gives you a list of ways to increase your toddler's emotional language. She also gives you a list of books to read with your kids to help you through the whining stage as well. You seriously can’t miss this! 

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