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C | C Monthly Learning Themes

Are you overwhelmed with learning at home for your toddlers?

At home learning can be overwhelming! Its so hard to know where to start and what to do and the planning tends to take more time than the actual activity. It seems like a great idea until you start! There are so many amazing ideas on Pinterest, and Instagram, but its kind of like information overload. We found a way to help you with this! 

Each month we release a new theme with activities, printables, family date nights + more! You will be able to pick the activities that are best suited for your littles and all the planning is done for you! The activities will have different modifications so that you can tailor the activity to your child's specific needs. We found that by having a theme each month, its easier to learn and grow because you will have a specific direction! All of our activities are easy to put together so that you can spend more time playing and learning and less time prepping! 

Activities and printables are put together by Brittany! Brittany was previously a 1st-grade teacher and she has her masters in early education! Each activity was tested and put together with your littles in mind. We want activities to be simple for you to put together, but fun and engaging for your littles! Activities might teach a new skill, help them explore something new or will make a challenging concept fun! Our activities are NOT intended to replace homeschooling or preschool but are meant to be an additional resource so that your kids can continue to learn at home. We believe that the best learning comes from within the walls of your own home!

We have had a few questions on our activities so I compiled the most asked questions for you below!

Will the themes be different each month? Yes! As of right now we have over 50 theme ideas which means you will see new themes for the next few years! 

What age are the activities targeted for? Most activities will be targeted for 3-4-year-olds, but we do provide a simple and advanced modification for each activity that could be used with younger or older children.

Will the activities build off of each other through the month? No. Each activity is a stand-alone. We don’t expect you to do all of these activities each month. We wanted to provide a variety for you so that you can choose which activities are best suited for your children!

How far in advance will we find out about the activities? The entire month of content will be released on the first Monday of every month so that you can pick which activities you want to do during the month!

How will we find out about the activities? All content will be posted on our membership site. Each day we will highlight an activity in the Facebook Group. 

Join now and take the headache and overwhelm out of at-home learning!

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